Broadway Golf Club

Sat 25

Course Status

Broadway Golf Club: Course Open.

Dress Code

Members, their guests and visitors are requested to maintain reasonable standards of dress at all times. We want you to enjoy the course and clubhouse in a friendly and relaxed environment.

We ask you to respect the dress code and avoid embarrassment for all concerned. The Club reserves the right to refuse admission if individuals are unable to comply with our dress code and the normal courtesies and rules of golf.

On the Course

Recognised golfing attire including spiked or pimpled shoes.  Tailored shorts with predominantly white, long, short or sports socks.  Shirts must be worn as designed.  Tracksuits, denim jeans or trainers are not permitted on the course.  We recommend you carry a mobile phone on the course in case of emergency.

The Clubhouse

Smart clean casual dress at all times, and golf shirts must be worn tucked in.  Torn, ripped, frayed or heavily distressed attire or tracksuits are not permitted in the clubhouse.  Golf shoes are not allowed in the lounge or restaurant and are only permitted in the spike bar.   Headwear is not permitted to be worn in the clubhouse restaurant or bar areas.

Social Events

The dress code for social events will be indicated on the event notice and ticket,  for private functions it will be agreed in advance by the Committee and Caterers.  Recognised golf attire may be worn in the lounge although preferably not in the restaurant after 7pm on Friday, Saturday or Sunday.

Mobile Phones & Hand Held Devices

Should be switched off or to silent at all times and must not be used for calls on the course or in the clubhouse except in an emergency.

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