Broadway Golf Club

Broadway Mens Open - Round 1

Sunday 30th August 2020, White Tees, Broadway Golf Club

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ResultsNett [click for Gross]CSS 72 (Visitors 73)
1st Richard Preen(6) 69
2nd Peter Macey(11)  Bowood Golf & Country Club69
3rd Steven Webb(5) 69
4th Craig Light(8) 70
5th Mike Humpston(4) 70
6th Robert Webb(2) 70
7th Liam Scrivens(16) 71
8th Paul Brittan(11)  Moor Hall Golf Club71
9th George Peare(3)  Cirencester Golf Club71
10th Shaun Thornhill(3)  Kings Norton Golf Club72
11th John Richmond(6) 72
12th Thomas Waller(4)  Cirencester Golf Club72
13th Mark Brittan(5)  Whittington Heath Golf Club72
14th Ben Metrovich(9)  Vale Golf & Country Club73
15th Richard Broadbridge(12) 73
16th Michael Wylde(5)  Olton Golf Club73
17th Adam Moss(10) 73
18th Stephen Ward(12)  Kings Norton Golf Club73
19th Michael Sandoz(6)  Moor Hall Golf Club73
20th Philip Williams(6)  Sherdons Golf Centre74
21st Oliver Coombes(3) 74
22nd Sam Orton(4)  Charnwood Forest Golf Club74
23rd Stephen Hinchliff(11) 74
24th James March(6)  Kings Norton Golf Club74
25th Andy Simms(9) 75
26th Christopher Bates(7)  Coventry Golf Club75
27th Robert Goodyer(5)  Kings Norton Golf Club75
28th Gavin Allen(9)  Cirencester Golf Club75
29th Dan Eaves(10) 75
30th Matthew Sollis(5) 75
31st Gareth Griffiths(13)  Buckingham Golf Club75
32nd Ambrose Eaves(12) 75
33rd James Quinn(4)  Kings Norton Golf Club76
34th Eric Edge(18)  Sherdons Golf Centre76
35th Steve Inns(8)  Kings Norton Golf Club76
36th Steve Best(13)  Kings Norton Golf Club76
37th Stephen Day(10)  Kings Norton Golf Club76
38th Justin Loram(12) 76
39th Adrian Bennett(8) 76
40th Johnathan Cowley(4)  Cirencester Golf Club76
41st Carl Gyde(5)  Painswick Golf Club76
42nd Laurence Hawker(6)  Kings Norton Golf Club76
43rd Mark Reardon(10) 76
44th John Thompson(6)  Cherwell Edge Golf Club77
45th Paul Evans(6) 77
46th James Moorcroft(6)  Cirencester Golf Club77
47th Paul Newman(5)  Painswick Golf Club77
48th Chris Hughes(11)  Sherdons Golf Centre77
49th Adam Sutton(7) 77
50th Stuart Storrer(12) 78
51st Ian Hutchins(6)  Kings Norton Golf Club78
52nd Andrew Bradley(9)  Cirencester Golf Club78
53rd James Neale(4) 78
54th Alan Parker(8) 78
55th David Rigby(13)  Moor Hall Golf Club78
56th Paul Senior(14)  Kings Norton Golf Club78
57th Tony Edge(9)  Sherdons Golf Centre79
58th Steve Griffin(10) 79
59th William Hale(8) 79
60th Richard Tate(4) 79
61st Lee Jeniec(11)  Hilton Puckrup Hall Hotel & Golf Club79
62nd Callum Millard(6) 80
63rd William Icke(4) 80
64th Phillip Smith(18) 80
65th Steven Morris(12)  Kings Norton Golf Club80
66th James Hicks(6) 80
67th Adrian Kember(6)  Cirencester Golf Club80
68th Len McVie(7)  Sherdons Golf Centre80
69th Paul Miller(11) 80
70th Russell Banks(18)  Kings Norton Golf Club80
71st Brian Putt(15)  Sherdons Golf Centre81
72nd Steve Magee(8) 81
73rd Philip Meakin(4)  Bramcote Waters Golf Club81
74th Craig Sutherland(5)  Cirencester Golf Club81
75th Mark Bisset(5)  Cirencester Golf Club82
76th John Chalmers(16) 82
77th Nick Vincent(7)  Cirencester Golf Club83
78th Steve Morgan(8)  Forest of Dean Golf Club85
79th Derek Bradley(16)  Sherdons Golf Centre85
80th Paul Watson(8)  Enville Golf Club89
81st Chris Smith(7) 92
82nd Dave Harris(18)  Sherdons Golf Centre92
83rd Robert Luff(18)  Sherdons Golf Centre93
84th John Cotterill(12)  Kings Norton Golf Club102

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