18 main greens
Buggies: Top 9 only (10-18)
Carry Bags as much as possible to prevent course damage

I would like to suggest that until the end of March we are allowed to ‘tee up’ on the fairways.  They are not in good condition at the moment and as we are allowed placing this means we place the ball on the nearest bit of grass and immediately take a divot at worst, or swish off that piece of grass at best and the course is not being given a chance to regrow as we would like.

This was done many years ago and proved beneficial.  At least we could give it a try.

Thank you.

Pat Righton


Hello Pat,

 Thank you for your suggestion with regards to teeing up on the fairways. Unfortunately, your email didn't reach me until the 9th January at the B & F Committee meeting.

 At our recent Captain's Committee (CC) meeting on the 8th January 2019 we discussed the effect the dry/hot summer months of 2018 has had on our fairways. You make a fair point that members look for a grassy placement under our present temporary local rule which was also noted and discussed at our meeting. After a lengthy discussion the CC committee agreed to change the Local Temporary Rule back to the 6inches rather than one club length distance (please refer to the Temporary Local Rules noticeboard in the foyer). We on committee have emphasised that this is a fluid situation and will be reviewed on a regular basis until we get to the full growing season when winter rules can be lifted. I will bring your suggestion to the 12th February CC meeting but hope that there has been some improvement in the fairway growth in that time.

 I hope this is a satisfactory response to your suggestion.

 Thank you once again

Club Captain

Andy Basford