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Buggies: Top 9 only (10-18)
Carry Bags as much as possible to prevent course damage

FAO Mr Jim Covill & suggestion box


Further to the general email that came out to club members suggesting the renovation of the 6th green.

I have to say the estimated costs of £30-40k seems an 'eye watering' cost for which I cannot believe it represents 

value for money let alone a true accurate price. I would suggest money would be far better spent on improvements to 

our clubhouse which is now seriously showing it's age. There have been several muted suggestions to create an external

balcony around the perimeter or our lovely elevated facilities. Surely to create alfresco dining in the summer months would

boost our ability to show off one of the best views in the locality whilst bringing in much needed business. We cannot spend 

money like this before far better options are seriously considered.

I welcome your response or should you like me to investigate costs for a balcony i would be happy to assist.


Kind regards


Carl Brambani



 Thanks for your suggestion. I will restrict my response to that for which I am responsible i.e. the course; I have copied in the MD who may like to comment on your balcony suggestion.

 The cost of the 6th green renovation is an estimate provided by our qualified course architect based on other similar projects. The report was produced in response to a large number of members suggestions. Rest assured that the members will be consulted further prior to any decision to take this work forward.


 Jim Covill