Course Open

Dear Jim

I can understand concerns regarding the 6th green. However greater concern should be addressed to the gross unfairness of the tee shot landing area with the capacity to destroy a perfectly hit tee shot either as a result of bounce or second shot lie on a gradient  of 1/3. This particular aspect of the hole in my opinion reduces its quality as a serious challenge far more than the green itself. The cost of either levelling or distribution of topsoil I would guess would be far less than £20/£30k.


David Kelley 


David, thanks for your response.  The 6th green report was produced in response to a large number of members suggestions. To date no members have requested the levelling of the fairway and therefore this has not formed part of the Strategic Course Plan.

Rest assured that the members will be consulted further prior to any decision and what major course development work will be taken forward.


Jim Covill