Course to open at 9:00am. Seniors competition cancelled. (updated 21 October at 08:47)


It has come to the attention of the Captain’s Committee that on several occasions of late, etiquette and goodwill on the golf course has been brought into question resulting in frustration and confrontation. This communication is a reminder of the basic course etiquette required by all members to ensure everyone enjoys their golf at Broadway Golf Club.

Before play:

·         Please remember that all members (even singles) have an equal standing on the golf course.

·         Check the Additional Local Rules Noticeboard in the Foyer for any course updates. 

On the Tee:

·         Once the Start Boards become operational from 1st April, please adhere to the times stated with regards 1st and 10th tee groups.

·         Be mindful of other groups on the tee and show courtesy if they have already played 9 holes allowing them to alternate with those that have not yet started their round.

·         When the Start Boards are not in operation, consider letting a 2ball group tee off before 3ball or 4ball groups as usually that group will move quicker around the golf course.      

Player Conduct and Spirit of the Game

It is one of the central principles of the game of golf that players play by the Rules and in the spirit of the game.  Rule 1.2 is an important Rule in the Rules of Golf as it details the conduct that is expected of all players and what is meant by spirit of the game.

Rule 1.2 reads as follows:

Acting with integrity – for example, by following the Rules, applying all penalties, and being honest in all aspects of play.
Showing consideration to others – for example, by playing at a prompt pace, looking out for the safety of others, and not distracting the play of another player.
Taking good care of the course– for example, by replacing divots, smoothing bunkers, repairing pitch marks on the greens and not causing unnecessary damage to the course.

Slow play

When your group is not keeping up with the pace of play of the group in front of you:

·         Walk at a reasonable pace between shots.

·         Begin planning your next shot as you approach your ball.

·         When you reach your ball, check the lie, select your club, and then play your shot.

·         From the time you select your club until you actually hit your shot, you should take no more than 30 to 45 seconds.

·         If you aren't ready to play when it is your turn, encourage one of your fellow players to play.

·         If you continue to hold up the group behind you, especially if it a smaller group, be courteous, stand aside and call that group through.

We all know that this last point is standard practice on any golf course, but unfortunately, it appears that calling a group through is becoming an increasing rarity rather than the norm these days. This communication is directed to all members of Broadway Golf Club and I sincerely hope we can reverse this trend so that we can all enjoy our fantastic golf course in a friendly and harmonious fashion.